Deboned Ham

Ham from Trevélez without the bone. The authentic taste of Nevadensis ham but easier to consume. We can prepare all our products in this easy format.

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Deboned Ham from Trevélez

Deboned ham from Trevélez Prados de Villareal with the curing time that you desire, we will debone the ham for ease of consumption.

From 5kg (11lbs) to 5,5kg (12,1lbs)
Approximately  18,85 per kg

Jamón de Trevélez - Indicación Geográfica Protegida
Certificación de Jamones en España 10.15544 / GR C.E.
Bureau Veritas Certificación ISO 9001 Jamones Nevadensis
Calidad del Jamón Certificada